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The Project Brief

Sanofi is a global integrated healthcare leader focused on patients' needs. To match the increasing challenges of the pharmaceutical industry, Sanofi are committed to bringing innovative products to the market and seizing value-enhancing growth opportunities, in order to ensure they remain a world-leading organisation.


In order to cater for a large work-force, Sanofi UK often make use of the restaurant space in their building; a space big enough to have large meetings with all members of staff. Piranha were contacted by Sanofi and asked to upgrade and update their existing audio systems for this restaurant space; their current system, with several microphones, was old and tired and the microphones were largely broken. In keeping with their focus on value; Sanofi requested that we work with their existing equipment and provide an upgrade, rather than a complete reinstall.


In addition to this, Sanofi were working towards a second-phase of this update, which involved upgrading their current projector system.

The Piranha Solution

The audio solution involved supplying Sanofi with four new wireless radio microphones; three lapel/tie-clips and one handheld/roving. These came from the latest digital series of microphones from Line6, which offer crystal-clear sound and are licence free; a further cost-saving measure.


Incorporating the existing system, Piranha connected these new microphones to the current mixer and amplifier. In order to upgrade the sound quality offered by this system, an automatic feedback filter was also included.


To ensure this project was carried out in as unobtrusive a manner as possible, Piranha worked on the installation out of Sanofi’s office hours; ensuring our work didn’t interfere with that of their staff. In addition to this, we were also able to repair the audio of the current projector system, saving Sanofi the cost of their proposed second phase.


This value-enhancing audio upgrade was delivered within the specified time period and met each of the client’s specific requirements.

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