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Piranha Audio Visual provide easy to operate solutions for churches that engage your congregation and communicate effectively with all generations.  Millennials and younger (those under 40) expect a multimedia experience and our projection or large TV screens allow your sermons to be presented in a modern way.


Our ongoing technical support and industry leading 5 year guarantee gives you peace of mind that, in the event of something going wrong, you’ve got no repair bills - see our guarantee page for full details.


Is your church tech easy to use and reliable...?

If your volunteers find your audio or visual technologies difficult or unreliable we guarantee we can make their tech-life easier.

Whether your volunteers are teenagers, in their 80's or anywhere in-between, we've trained them all to use our easy systems.


Scroll down or click the link to find out how we make church technology easy to use.

Easy Tech

church tech made easy

We understand your church's technology is ran by volunteers and not engineers and we design systems with this in mind.  Some of our team are church goers and have been involved in church bands, as a warden and on the tech-team. 

We're here to guide and support you through the process of upgrading your technology.  We're a friendly team who will listen to your needs, answer your questions and offer advice on different ways of solving your difficulties.  There's no hard sell and we are more than happy to integrate any of your existing equipment into a new system to allow the budget to go further.


We offer free on site surveys and we have lots of equipment we are able to bring and demonstrate to you so you can actually see or hear how equipment will perform in your space and how easy it is to use.

We simplify church audio visual systems by using control systems to automate complicated processes using small control panels.  We regularly install the latest digital sound desks which provide memories to recall the most commonly used settings for you different service types.  We uses dedicated hardware with physical buttons wherever we can.  We simplify the use of computers and make workflows easier and our church stage lighting systems use a software solution that requires no lighting engineer experience whatsoever.

If your church needs a Faculty as part of the upgrade process we can help.  We've supported lots of applications with information and drawings.

A full list of our services is below but in brief we install the following technologies:

  • Sound systems for speech

  • Band sound systems

  • Song words projection / TV systems

  • YouTube / Facebook / Zoom streaming camera systems

  • Stage lighting

  • System servicing


If your existing system is misbehaving we offer a maintenance and repair service - get in touch and we'll arrange for an engineer to give you a ring to discuss the problems



Here are the services we offer to churches, with more information at the bottom of the page

Streaming solutions

  • Single camera systems or

  • Multiple camera systems

  • Song words integration

  • Solutions for Youtube, Facebook and many more platforms


  • Wired microphones or wireless radio microphones.

  • Computer sound solutions.

  • Worship band sound systems.

  • Line array systems designed and installed for larger venues.

  • Assistive hearing (loop systems) for the hard of hearing.

  • Expansion to overflow or creche rooms

  • Audio recording and Podcast creation


Large screen displays (TVs)

  • Relay screens

  • Overflow rooms

  • Creche rooms


Control Systems

  • Touch screen user interfaces to simplify day to day operations

  • These make even the most advanced systems easy to use.


Camera Systems

  • Recording services or for the internet

  • Relay to overflow rooms

Zoom video conferencing solutions

  • including live streaming through the web



  • Stage lighting design and installation

  • Low energy LED technology

  • Colour changeable lighting

  • Moving lights / fixtures

  • Simple control desks or more advanced control solutions



  • Song lyric projection

  • Multimedia youtube, powerpoint, keynote presentations

  • Widescreen, standard or high definition options

  • Multi screens systems provided

Digital Signage

  • TV screens in reception areas for notices and announcements

  • Multi-screen solutions across your facility

Control booths for all your technology and its operators

  • Bespoke control rooms and booths for sound, song pro and lighting control equipment (mixing desk, laptops etc)

Repairs and servicing

Case Studies

Case Studies

Our most recent case studies can be found on our YouTube channel




A new sound and projection system installation for the church hall including assistive hearing loop. 

The church.jpg



A new sound system and mixing desk for the musicians.




Re-using equipment saves church money.

More Information

More Information

Our director and some staff members are christians and have been in churches for 30+ years.  Over that time we’ve provided full installations, technical support and system upgrades to many churches locally and further afield.


Our sound systems provide even coverage of good quality sound throughout your auditorium and whether your building is hundreds of years old or a modern warehouse style church our solution will provide your needs and be sensitive to the building itself (including Listed buildings).


Projection is often so much more than simply displaying song words.  Projection screens are an integral part of a modern presentation, showing videos, explaining biblical concepts, displaying the results from a voting system


In recent years, more churches have installed Stage Lighting systems.  Modern worship styles, particularly for Millennials and the younger generations, are funky and upbeat with lighting changing the mood, look and feel of your venue instantly.


We also offer training for your church technical team.  We generally provide this as a half day training on a Saturday morning.  We will usually start with the basics but are happy to tailor the training to your specific needs.

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