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We help make better Incident Commanders

Your Incident Commanders will be immersed in engaging and sense tingling simulated environments that are so real their reactions and responses will be as if at an actual incident.

By using the latest techniques, technology and training methodologies, advanced software simulations will transport your colleagues to incidents of all kinds that will stretch them to the limits of their knowledge and experience all within the safety of your training centre.

Candidate’s pulses will race, stress levels rise, adrenaline will flow as the incident rapidly unfolds before them.  With large screen visuals, surround sound, smell and lighting effects colleagues often forget they are in a simulated environment and start gesticulating to avatars as they would to real people at an incident.  Multiple stimuli from radio chatter, chem data sheets, video injects and multiple avatars of casualties, other emergency services and members of the public complete the learning or assessment experience thoroughly putting those being trained through their paces.

Your best team members will shine and those with some gaps in their knowledge will be revealed and a learning support package put in place.

Using advanced simulated environments to train and assess all your Incident Commanders in one training suite is invariably quicker than assessments made on station and our team has the knowledge and experience of crafting some of the UK's most highly regarded training suites and can support you updating your facilities.


Supporting your project

Each Incident Command Training Suite we build is unique both in its training needs and architecturally and our solutions are tailored specifically to your needs.  The process starts with a series of conversations where we’ll listen to your needs and the vision for your training.  We’ll spend time considering all aspects of the candidate experience and we’ll also bring demonstration stock to show you just how easy the technology can be to use, including our really easy to use recording systems.

Following the installation of the facility our team will provide comprehensive training and support the writing of Standard Operating Procedures that help new members of the team pick everything up quickly.

Creating a modern and advanced Incident Command Training Suite Audio Visual system is a complex task with lots to consider and one we know often feels a little daunting and overwhelming.  Our friendly team will guide you through the three main phases of delivering a new training facility. 


1. The design phase.  2. The installation and 3. Training your staff.  


In many ways the design phase is the most important.  The time spent considering every detail of how those being trained will experience their training and what needs to be included is invaluable.  This phase often requires the greatest investment of time but that initial investment of time is rewarded by avoiding costly changes or annoying compromises later.

The Design Phase:

  • We work with your architects to optimise the layout of the facility and ensure rooms are tall enough to accommodate the chosen technologies.

  • Design the projection / large screen display systems in each room.

  • Design the sound systems, both effects and paging along with microphone solutions linked to recording hardware.

  • Design sound, lighting and smell effects to create the most immersive environment possible.

  • Design the candidate recording system.

  • Design and integrate the dimmable lighting requirements in the applicable rooms.

  • Design sound proofing so sound doesn’t spill from one room to another.

  • Partnering with the furniture provider particularly for the control room to ensure maximum storage and equipment ventilation whilst being durable and looking good.

  • Calculate thermal loadings for the air conditioning requirements.

  • Provide drawings for the architects regarding power and data requirements for the audio visual technology within the suite including supporting you writing Room Data Sheets (the electrical and data network information requested by architects and builders)

  • Ensure computer systems meet and exceed the software requirements (rather than having the IT department place limitations by providing equipment that isn’t up to the job – surprisingly common).

  • Consider and incorporate the needs of the wider organisations use of the space.


The Installation Phase:

  • Our technicians will work alongside the building contractors and electricians working together to overcome the inevitable challenges buildings pose, especially on conversion projects.

  • All cabling is installed during the ‘first fix’ phase of the project.

  • All the technology is installed once the site is dust free, usually immediately after handover.

  • All the technology is then thoroughly tested, commissioned and programmed to operate seamlessly.


Training your team:

  • We will sit down with your team and explain how to operate the suite and it really won’t take that long!  Seriously, no one is going to need training by NASA, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly your team pick everything up.

  • Although the system is immensely complex behind the scenes, the use of touch screens that are programmed to your exact needs makes life really easy for your staff automating many processes with the press on one button.

  • Our recording systems are really easy too.

  • We provide video tutorials of how to operate each area of the suite and how to do each process.  We also provide a written manual but most people refer to the videos.

You may have noticed we have emphasised ease of use.  People often fear technology, they don’t want to press the wrong button and don’t want to mess something up.  We know the fire service rarely employ software engineers or Audio Visual technicians. We also know staff turnover can cause frustrations to managers tasked with overseeing training and your system will be designed with these things in mind.

Interested to find out more, then check out our case studies or if you're ready to chat about the possibilities of working together on your project give us a call.

Case Studies

Case Studies


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