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St Bertoline's Church

The Project Brief

St. Bertoline's is the parish church of Barthomley.  The church is listed as a Grade I building of architectural and historical importance. The history of the church goes back many centuries. One of the church wardens contacted Piranha to provide a design for a new sound system as their current PA system was about 20 years old and didn’t meet the needs of modern services.


During our free site survey, it became apparent the existing amplifier and speakers were completely fine and usable, meaning there was no need to replace them saving the church money.  They did need new radio microphones and aerials and a new mixer to control the volumes of the radio microphones, stage microphones and CD player.

The Piranha Solution

Our solution included four lapel tie clip wireless radio microphones and one hand held roving wireless radio microphone.  We deliberately chose Line6 radio microphones as this allowed us to provide high quality microphones that didn’t need a radio mic license (a license is usually required when exceeding 4 radio microphones within one system).


We provided an easy to use compact mixer where the users only have to adjust one volume control making for a really simple system.  This mixer also controlled the volume of the wired pulpit and bible reading microphone along with a CD player and mp3 connection.


Due to the location of pillars in the church, radio mic reception was poor so we included an aerial system which ensured wherever a microphone was used, whether at the alter, the pulpit, stood within the chancel arch or by the font at the rear, all congregation members could hear the crystal clear sound.


We provided training for the Priest-in-charge, the assistant Priest and the Wardens, all of whom commented on the system being simple to operate and having good quality sound.

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