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Robert Jones & Agnus Hunt Hospital

The Project Brief

The Robert Jones and Agnus Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (RJAH) is a ‘leading orthopaedic centre of excellence.’ The reputation of RJAH for innovation and outstanding patient care precedes it, and resulted in the centre gaining NHS Foundation Trust status in the August of 2011.


In order to keep up with the standards of excellence RJAH has so far produced, they recently decided to build a brand new entrance to the hospital. Included in this new space were to be conference room facilities and a boardroom. The conference area was to be flexible and multi-use, comprised of three rooms that could function independently, but also be opened up and linked to form one large space. This area would have the capacity to be set up as a meeting room, in a theatre style and in various other formats.


Piranha AV were contacted by electrical engineers, D&A Systems, and asked to provide an Audio Visual system that would be flexible, simple to use, interactive and high-definition.

The Piranha Solution

The team selected a Crestron control system to enable the spaces to function individually, as well as be intelligently integrated when necessary.


Key features of the main meeting room installation include:
- A bespoke lectern ft. a SMART Technologies interactive touch screen monitor
- A Panasonic projector from their specialist installation range
- Two speaker systems, one to tie screen content to audio, and the other ft. ceiling mounted speakers for microphone playback
- A Sennheiser infrared assistive hearing system with overspill eliminator


The trust’s other two meeting rooms and new boardroom feature much of the same technology, but on a more compact scale in order to best match the space.


Due to Piranha’s contribution to RJAH’s new conference area and boardroom, we have secured a preventative maintenance support contract with the trust. This will allow us to maintain an ongoing supportive relationship with them and their new facilities.


This flexible, interactive and integrated Audio Visual solution was delivered within the specified time period and met each of the client’s specific needs.

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