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Muller Boardroom

The Project Brief

The Muller Group began in 1971 in a small dairy with just four employees, it now has over 21,000 people involved in its fast growing, international chilled-food business and operates across more than 10 countries. As a result of this, the systems used in each of Muller’s world-wide offices need to remain up-to-date and be of the highest quality.


Piranha AV were contacted by Accolade Commercial Interiors five years prior to this project and asked to provide solutions for the Muller Group’s board-room. The original work done, and the support provided by Piranha during the interim years, ensured that Piranha AV were the first choice to provide a solution for their current needs. Due to their rapid growth, Muller now required integrated video conferencing equipment installing in their primary Boardroom, in addition to upgrading and updating their existing equipment, in order that they be able to maintain contact with their offices world-wide.

The Piranha Solution

In order to maximise the available budget, the Piranha design team incorporated as much of the All of the day-to-day functions can be accessed via the iPad, ensuring effortless functionality and simplicity of use existing equipment already in the Muller primary boardroom, as possible.


The design system installed is state-of the art and full high definition (1080p) and utilises the latest digital technology. This customised system includes a dedicated room computer and a Cisco Video Conferencing Unit. Additional connections located in the board-room table allow both windows and apple laptops to be plugged in and presentations to be shown on the large projection screen.


An audio visual switcher has been incorporated allowing expansion of the number of input sources available to the projector and also providing image processing to ensure pictures from any connected computer are displayed in perfect quality on screen.


In line with our focus on ease-of-use, an iPad Mini has been included as the control panel for the new system. Using Piranha’s ‘One Click’ principle, a user may switch the system on with the click of a button. This start-up process automates switching the projector on, adjusting the height of the projector screen, altering the brightness of the lights, selecting the room computer to display on screen and choosing the input source for the projector. The iPad communicates with a Crestron Room control system processor which is programmed to provide the exact requirements of and for the room. All of the day-to-day functions can be accessed from the iPad, ensuring effortless functionality and simplicity of use.


The new system also includes a one of the latest NEC series’ projectors. It provides full high definition resolution and benefits from the ground-breaking HD BASE-T protocol. This newly developed protocol allows for the transmission of many signals through a single cable; something which was of great benefit to our clients as it enabled us to utilise the existing cable infrastructure, whilst updating it to the new requirements. The screen itself is lowered and raised electronically and can be automatically adjusted from the iPad control system.


The audio system installed includes a pair of powerful, yet compact speakers from world-renowned manufacturer, JBL. The speakers were ordered in white, to match the sleek decor of the board-room. As with the visual system, the audio system is also controlled through the iPad and therefore volume may be adjusted, and muted, with ease.


This cost-effective and state-of-the-art Audio Visual Solution was delivered within the specified time period and met all of the client’s specific needs.

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