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MGS Precision

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The Project Brief

First established in 1971 as an antenna design and manufacturing company; MGS precision now operate from a 7000m2 hi-tech manufacturing facility in the UK and provide high-quality machine components across a range of world-leading industries such as Aerospace and Motorsport.


MGS contacted us at Piranha and asked us to provide audio and visual solutions for their reception area and two meeting rooms. They required a digital signage TV solution which would welcome clients into their reception area, with a view to future expansion of this system on to the production floor. The screen content of the signage needed to be divided into multiple sections in order to allow for the simultaneous display of a scrolling news feed, a clock, the weather and some primary welcome information. In addition to this, Piranha were tasked with the installation of large screen displays for the meeting rooms. These were required to have laptop connections for when the room was being used for meetings or hosting clients.


All equipment installed needed to be extremely simple to use and cost-effective, and all hardware was required to be installed discretely in the building’s server room, out of the way.

The Piranha Solution

The signage solution involved installation of a Brightsign high-definition digital signage controller, an award-winning piece of equipment allowing for automatic control of on screen-content. Our team carried out the initial programming and configuration of this equipment, and then provided staff with a training session on how to monitor and modify the content from then on. As part of our bespoke programming, our team have designed the content layout in the split-screen format requested, and programmed in automatic scheduling. This means that the reception TV display is automatically switched on in the morning, and off at the end of the working day, ensuring that staff aren’t required to remember to do so or to manually power it up and down each day. The Brightsign controller is also linked to a Freeview box, allowing the staff to watch television and catch up on the news etc. As the controller had to be housed in the server room, a significant distance from the display screen and a distance traditional HDMI cabling would be unable to cope with;  HDBaseT equipment is used to send the images over cat5 cabling.


To display this content, Piranha chose a high-definition LG professional display. Due to the shape of the reception area, and the wall space being taken up with framed images of MGS’ world-leading products; the display had to be ceiling mounted. Piranha created a bespoke ceiling bracket in order to address this, from which the display screen is now suspended.


In the meeting rooms, Piranha installed stand alone high-definition screens; the main meeting room screen featuring a 50inch display. Discrete connection boxes are also installed within the table tops with both VGA and HDMI connections for new and old laptops. This built-in design means that the connection boxes become flush with the table when not in use, and are therefore as unobtrusive as possible. In keeping with this minimalist theme, MGS didn’t want any external speakers cluttering up the room, and our team therefore chose TVs with high-quality internal speakers for an integrated and compact solution.


This simple-to-use and cost-effective solution was delivered within the specified time period and met each of the client’s specific requirements.

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