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The Project Brief

Lucideon, previously known as Ceram and M+P Labs, are an international technology company applying their materials expertise to a range of sectors from healthcare to nuclear power generation.


Piranha are proud of our long-standing relationship with Lucideon, a company whose quality-assurance works to make certain they provide the best possible products and services to all of their clients. As a result of of this existing relationship, Piranha were contacted by Lucideon and asked to provide audio and visual solutions for their main meeting room as part of a remodelling project that was taking place. In addition to new audio visual equipment, the meeting room was also undergoing building work and redecoration to modernise the room’s tired and outdated decor and design.


Piranha were tasked with installing new projector facilities and a sound system featuring microphones; due to the new sleek and minimal design of the room, these microphones needed to be wireless, in order to eliminate trailing cables. The new decor also meant that there would be a number of hard surfaces within the room, something that would create a high risk of echoing sound which could make sound quality far harder to distinguish. For this reason, a carefully designed sound system was to be key to the design solution.


In addition to a focus on design, Piranha’s ease-of-use promise was also important for this project; this was due to the companies’ lack of house AV technicians, meaning that all systems installed needed to be accessible for any employees/guests wishing to use them.

The Piranha Solution

The design solution involved the installation of a ceiling mounted projector, featuring a modern and wide-screen design to compliment the large room with its tall ceilings. The projector includes both HDMI and VGA connections for modern and older laptops, and offers the ability to connect both Apple and Windows laptops also. A matching electronic, wide-screen projection screen has also been also provided.


The sound system installed comprises of a simple sound mixer, four radio mics, two lapel/tie clip mics, and two handheld/roving mics; all wireless in order to eliminate trailing cables. Computer sound also travels through the sound mixer. All of this equipment is stored discretely in a cabinet housed at the back of the meeting room, ensuring that it does not interfere with the clean look of the room.


In order to address the challenge of providing high-quality sound with minimal echo; Piranha chose specialist column line array speakers. These speakers provide a very even distribution of sound, but are designed to project the sound in a narrow, focused beam, at around head height; thus preventing sound from filling the room and therefore eliminating any undesired echo.


The installation was completed over a number of phases, due to the refurbishments taking place; this meant that our team liaised closely with the builders on site. These phases involved first fixing the cabling and some of the bracketing, then second fixing once the room was ready. Using such an approach ensured that there was no need for surface mount trunking on the walls as everything could be hidden within them.


Our team would like to thank Lucideon for their continued use of our services and look forward to working with them again in the future.


This simple and carefully-designed Audio Visual solution was delivered within the specified time period and met all of the client’s specific needs.

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