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The Project Brief

Runcorn Community Fire Station recently completed a project involving the refurbishment of an auxiliary building within their grounds; the result is a modern gym facility they have named ‘Healthy Hearts Runcorn Gym.’ This space will be used as an outreach facility/gym in which the Cardiac Rehabilitation team will deliver fitness sessions for members of the public who have suffered with cardiac related illnesses.


In the lead up to this refurbishment, Piranha AV were contacted and asked to supply a television and compact sound system for the new gym facility. The television needed to be wall mounted in order to ensure it could be viewed from everywhere within the space.

The Piranha Solution

The solution involved working in close conjunction with the building team on-site, in order to ascertain time scales for when installation would be taking place. Our team would need to first fix and install all cables before plastering took place, and then return to install the television; therefore, clear communication with the building team was essential.


Piranha AV supplied the new gym facility with a DVD player, featuring a built in amplifier linked to a Freeview television that was also installed. This high-definition television is installed at a high level, to ensure visibility across the space, and is fitted to a tilting bracket in order to ensure the best possible viewing angle.


Piranha also installed a compact speaker system across the two floors of the gym facility, ensuring even and high-quality sound across the space.


In order that health and safety precautions be taken, Piranha AV hired a scaffold tower for installation.


This compact and high-definition Audio Visual solution was delivered within the specified time period and met each of the client’s specific needs.

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