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Our Cheshire-based audio visual consultancy team are dedicated to providing you with all the information you need to make the right decisions for your business/establishment. Audio Visual consultancy is crucial to the end user’s experience, but is also fundamental at the building and construction stage. At this stage it is essential to factor in the AV structural requirements;  just one of the reasons that including AV in the consultancy process is so important.


After selecting our consultancy services, the first stage of the consultancy process is the production of a detailed report covering all possible AV requirements for consideration within your project.


During this process, our audio visual consultancy team will consider the following factors, to ensure that the end result is of the highest possible standard and meets all of your various requirements.


  • System schematics and wiring diagrams

  • Audio system design, which includes:

  • Optimal speaker positioning considering individual speaker dispersion characteristics

  • Sound pressure level to ensure comfortable volume and speech intelligibility

  • Room acoustic considerations and acoustic absorbers, and

  • Background music systems and ‘tannoy’ systems

  • Projection system design, which includes:

  • Consideration of screen aspect ratio

  • Projector brightness calculations

  • AV screen sizes and positions for best viewing

  • Room lighting integration

  • Assistive hearing devices

  • Control system design

  • Multiroom AV system designs

  • Command and control room design

  • Control booth design

  • Digital signage display systems; either stand alone or facility-wide

  • Facility-wide control integration

  • Mechanical and Engineering reports in relation to design, factoring in; power, data, containment, space, heat and structural load bearing. This reports will also consider:

  • Structured data cable systems in terms of AV utilisation and point to point requirements.

  • Comms Room design in terms of cooling and space for AV Equipment

  • Video wall design


All of our projects are unique and each stage of consultancy will be tailored to your project and your requirements; we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all service, and therefore everything we do is bespoke.


Our audio visual consultancy service can be offered as stand-alone, or as part of our design and installation service. Our team are highly experienced in all areas of Audio Visual design and can therefore offer you in-depth advice, tailored to your needs.

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