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Christchurch Primary School

The Project Brief

As is the case in many schools, Christ Church Primary had the use of an existing audio visual system, but for various reasons it remained underused. The existing system was outdated and unreliable, and not at all easy to operate; all factors which meant that staff lacked confidence and felt unable to use it, and it therefore added very little to their performance space.


Christ Church contacted Piranha AV and asked us to update their current performance area, creating a space which was fit for purpose and added to their school assemblies and performances. In addition to designing and installing an Audio Visual solution; the stage itself needed decorating, as the carpet was old and worn down, and the drapes behind the stage were torn.


The current system lacked the connections needed for microphones, and the school were without any microphones themselves; therefore we were asked to install a new sound system with connections for multiple microphones. The school also required wireless radio microphones, overhead stage mics and a stage lighting system.

The Piranha Solution

The solution involved installing a new stage lighting system, a new sound system, and refurbishing the current staging area.


The old, worn stage drapes were replaced with new star cloth drapes, and the worn stage carpet with a new design, fit for purpose. All contractors brought in were project managed by our team, meaning minimal hassle for the client.


The stage lighting solution involved the installation of a lighting bar with specialist metalwork. The bar itself features eight of the latest LED stage lights and the team provided an easy-to-use controller which allows the operator to select pre-set lighting scenes.


Piranha also installed one of our signature sound system cabinets with radio mics, a compact and easy-to-use sound controller, and the system’s amplifier. Two new speaker systems were installed which include speakers suspended from the lighting bar and compact fold-back speakers. In order to improve the school’s audio system, three discreet microphones were suspended from the ceiling, and Piranha provided new handheld/roving wireless radio mics and lapel/tie clip wireless radio mics.


This modernising and bespoke Audio Visual solution was delivered on time and met each of the client’s specific requirements.

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