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Chemical Business Association

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The Project Brief

The Chemical Business Association is ‘the voice of the UK chemical supply chain’ and delivers advocacy services, compliance information and advice, and seminars and workshops to a wide range of businesses.


During the refurbishment of their new training suite, Piranha AV were contacted by Accolade Commercial Interiors with a request to install an interactive presentation system. This dynamic system was to be installed in the national headquarters of the Chemical Business Association, located in South Cheshire. The focus throughout the project was on ease of use, and in particular, accessibility for disabled and able bodied people alike. As a result the customised solution needed to be height adjustable, and the method of height adjustment was required to be electronic.

The Piranha Solution

The solution involved installation of an interactive whiteboard and projector with a large wide screen interactive surface, mounted on a specialist trolley. As specified in the brief, the height-adjustment system installed is entirely motorised and therefore operable by users of all abilities. The white-board’s ultra-short throw projector allows for virtual elimination of shadowing on screen and therefore provides an innovative solution to an issue commonly experienced by users of such systems. High quality sound is also achieved through a sound system linked to a computer mounted onto the back of the trolley, resulting in a compact and dynamic solution which can be adjusted to a comfortable height for all users. The result is a solution that met the clients needs and made an exciting contribution to their new training suite.


This fully-integrated Audio Visual Solution was completed in the specified time period and met all of the client’s specific requirements.

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