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All Saints Church

The Project Brief

 It seems to be the case in many churches across the UK that the needs of the congregation, and those of the community, are changing. Whilst traditional hymns and times of quiet worship are still of great value and have their place, many churches are expanding their worship bands, in order to provide a fuller sound and a more dynamic worship style. All Saints Church in Crewe had recently put together a band which needed a dedicated sound system, able to handle their various instruments. Anything installed needed to build upon the existing system in order to provide flexibility for the evolving worship team, to be self-running due to the lack of technician, and sensitive to the architecture of the building.

The Piranha Solution

The sound system was updated through the installation of a local connection box for musician’s instruments and microphones and the introduction of a traditional analogue style mixing desk, clearly labelled to ensure ease-of-use for all operators.


10inch wide dispersion speakers from German manufacturer HK were installed to ensure even distribution of high-quality sound, whilst being mindful of the architecture of the building.


The team provided a link to the existing induction loop, to enable the band leader to be heard by those wearing hearing aids.


Training was provided for all who required it, in order that each band member felt comfortable using the new system.


This cost-effective and easy-to-use design solution was completed within the specified time period, within the available budget, and met each of the client’s specific requirements.

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